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For Your Connected Home & Business

A Connected Home or Business allows you to keep tabs on the things most important to you.  Save Money on Energy Costs, Receive Notifications of Key Events, and Remotely View & Control any number of Devices.

With High Quality Systems from Industry Leaders like URC & Elan, we can provide a Powerful, yet Easy to Use Control Solution for virtually Any Environment.

Energy Savings & Convenience

Thermostat Control

Control Your Thermostat Remotely, Set Heating & Cooling Schedules, or have it Adjust Automatically when You Leave or Go to Bed.  Even Receive Notifications that someone has Adjusted the Temperature.


Smart Thermostat Control Saves Energy by Cutting down on Uneccessary Usage-- Saving You Money!  

Motorized Shades & Curtains

With our Q-Motion Shades & Curtains, You can Easily & Precisely Control Your Room's Natural Lighting & Privacy Levels.  With their Convenient Remote Control, you can Adjust a Single Window--or Entire Building.  Perfect for your Family Room, Board Room, or Brew Pub.

And Q-Motion Shades & Curtains are Battery Powered, so they may be Easily Installed in Existing Homes or Businesses.  No Wires to Fish, No Wall Repairs or Ugly Wire Covers to Ruin Your Room's Decor.

Lighting Control

Take Control of Your Lighting and hit your electric bill where it hurts.


Kids leave the lights on all the time?  Employees forget to switch off the lights when they closed up?  No problem.  Adjust a single Lamp, or an Entire Building from your Phone.  Use powerful "Scene" Buttons to Automatically change Lights & Other Devices to Your Pre-set Preferences. 

Or Fully Automate Lights by Timers or with Our Occupancy Sensors.  Outside Lights can turn on at Dusk.  Office Lights can turn off when the room is not in use.  Convenience & Savings at your fingertips.


With Our Honeywell Security System Installed in Your Home or Business, we can provide Keyless Entry Solutions from Yale Locks.  Stop worrying about Your Kids losing their house keys.  Never have to fret about the Office Key you gave to Your Employee.  Just program in a Unique Code for Each User, and Remove it just as Easily if needed.

And with our "Total Connect" Remote App, you can Lock or Unlock the Door Remotely, from virtually anywhere!  Even get Notifications of the Door has been Left Unlocked. 

Keyless Entry with Your Security System

Biometric Door Access

The Ultimate in Convenience and Security. 

Biometric Readers provide stellar Security for Your Home or Business--identifying a User's Unique Fingerprint Pattern--so you don't have to worry about them losing, or copying, your keys.

And no more fumbling for keys or swiping cards.  Just press your finger on the reader & go!

Our Biometric Reader can allow access based on a Fingerprint, a Code, or Both, for even Higher Security.

Proximity Readers

"Prox" Readers are another great way to provide Secure Access to Family Members, Cleaning Staff, or Employees.  Just Pass an Authorized Card or Key Fob near the Reader and the Door Unlocks!  No Keys Required.

Perfect for Any Door where Secure Access is Required:  Entry Doors, Gun Rooms, Copy Rooms, Medical Supply Storage, and more.... 

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