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Hardwired or Wireless?

We'll Design a System that Suits Your Specific Home, Business, & Lifestyle.

Whether it's the Solid Reliability of a Hardwired System, the Flexibility of Wireless--or somewhere in between--Our Systems are sure to fit Your Needs.

Flexible User Interfaces

With a wide variety of Keypads and User Interfaces, Controlling Your System will be both Easy & Convenient.

With Bright Displays, Sleek Design, and even Mobile Support, we've got the Right User Interface for You.

Wireless 24/7 Emergency Monitoring

Say "Good-bye" to Phone Lines!


With Wireless Cellular Radios for both the AT&T and Verizon Networks, we can Free You from having to maintain a phone line for Your Alarm Communications. 


Cell Radios are faster than phone lines and don't have their inherent vulnerabilities, or the issues associated with newer VoIP services.

We  provide Comprehensive 24/7 Emergency Monitoring for Your Home & Business

"Total Connect" Remote Services

Add the Freedom of Mobile Convenience & Control with Honeywell's Total Connect Remote Services.

Arm & Disarm Your System, Receive Text or Email Notifications, and more.  You can even Control Your Thermostat, Door Locks, Lights, and Monitor Your Garage Door from virtually Anywhere in the World.

Add Honeywell's IP Cameras or GPS Vehicle Tracking and You'll always know what is happening in Your Home or Business.

Life Safety Devices

Help keep Your Family, Home, & Business Safe with Added Life Safety Devices.


We can install:

  • Smoke Detection in Bedrooms, Living Areas, & Offices.

  • Heat Detection in Garages, Furnace Areas, Laundry Rooms, & Attic Spaces.

  • Carbon Monoxide Detection in Critical Sleeping Areas.

And like All Our Security Devices, they can utilize our 24/7 Monitoring Service, for Automated Emergency Response.

And More....

Hardwired or Wireless?

Motion Detection

Motion Detectors are an Excellent & Cost-effective way to Cover Large Areas of a Home or Business.  Our Motions feature "Pet Immunity" so they can be used with Small Animals in the Building.

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