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We can fill your home or office with Great Sounding Music.  From a single room to an entire building, listen to your music, your way.

Streaming Music

Listen to Your Favorite Music Sources in any room, and even out on your patio.  Use Online Streaming Services, Music stored on Your Phone, or even legacy devices like CD Players & Turntables. 

Digital Surround Sound

If you're looking for a True Theater Experience, our Digital Surround Sound Systems --powered by Marantz-- bring the theater right into your home. Using the Newest Sound Technologies, like Dolby Atmos, we can help you enjoy truly Realistic Sound Reproduction in your Family Room or dedicated Home Theater.

The Outdoor Experience

We've got the Perfect Speakers for any Outdoor Environment.  Whether it's a Patio, Fire Pit, Pool --or all of the above-- we can design a system that Sounds Awesome, even in a large, multi-purpose area. 

Easy to Control

We have a variety of Easy to Use Controls for Your Music, including In-wall Controllers, Hand-held Remotes, or Your Mobile Devices.

Variety & Flexibility

We have Speakers to fit any situation, including:

  • In-wall and In-ceiling Speakers for a low-profile look

  • "Invisible" Speakers that actually disappear into your walls or ceilings

  • Designer Speaker & Subwoofer Systems that blend seamlessly into your decor

  • Discrete Landscape Series Outdoor Speakers with in-ground Subwoofers

  • Sound Bars to Improve TV Sound & Provide Music for any room

  • Wireless Speakers, Subwoofers, & Surround Sound Systems

  • And more.... 

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