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We Furnish, Install, Service, & Test Commercial Fire Alarm System for Your Business.

FireLite Systems

Our Systems inlcude Equipment from FireLite, a Leader in the Commercial Fire Industry.  Our Systems will Meet or Exceed All Required Fire Codes for Your Location.

We Include:

  • Addressable Control Panels-- Required by most Fire Distrci Authorities, an Addressable Panel provides detailed info on All Zones & System Status.

  • Annunciator Panels-- Provides System Status near an Entry Door so Fire Fighters can Respond more quickly.

  • Automatic Fire Detectors-- Including Smoke, Heat, & Carbon Monoxide Detection

  • Manual Pull Stations-- Located at All Exit Doors

  • Audio-Visual Notification--  Including Horns & Strobe Lights

  • Monitoring of Sprinkler and Chemical Suppression Systems

  • Integration with Elevators and Auto-Closing Fire Doors

Wireless Monitoring

We Provice Wireless 24/7 Emergency Monitoring of Our Fire Alarm Systems, including:

  • Fire, Trouble, & Supervisory Conditons

  • 12 Hour Test Signals

  • Full Battery Back-up

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